3 Tips For Taking Care Of & Repairing The Stone Wall In Your Basement

If you have a stone wall in your basement, here are three tips that will help you repair and take care of your stone basement wall. Stone basement walls tend to be found in older homes, and they also tend to look really nice, but they often require a little extra care and attention.

#1. Check Out The Joints

The first place that you should check when examining your stone wall is the mortar joints. When damage does occur to stone walls, it is most often focused on the area where the joints are located. These are generally the most vulnerable place on the wall, which is why you should focus on this area to make sure that there are not any cracks to the cement holding the stones together or cracks to the precast concrete holding the stones together.

#2. Fixing The Cracks

Fixing cracks in your stone wall should be relatively easy as long as you spot the cracks when they are relatively small and deal with them right away. It is best to use hydraulic cement to fill the cracks in your stone wall, especially around the joints.

Hydraulic cement is easy to use; just make sure that you wear gloves while working with the cement. You can usually take the bag and kneed it together to mix up the cement. Hydraulic cement emits a little heat when it is mixed together, so don't be alarmed if the bag feels a little warm; it will quickly cool off.

Then, use a tool to push the hydraulic cement into and around the crack to fill it and reinforce the area around the crack.

#3. Seal The Cement

After you apply new hydraulic cement to a crack, be sure to let it cure and settle. It is best to wait at least a few weeks for the new cement to cure and settle. Then, once the cement is completely dry, you should seal up the cement that you applied to fix the cracks in the stone wall. Cement sealant can generally be sprayed onto affected area, and will just reinforce the work that you did. It is okay if the sealant gets on the stones as well as the cement; the stones will not be damaged by the cement sealant.

Cement sealant not only reinforces the work that you just did, it will also help prevent water from damaging your stone wall in your basement as well, which is why you should apply cement sealant to the entire wall to reinforce it and protect it against moisture.