3 Trendy Grout Looks To Consider For Your New Shower

Remodeling an outdated bathroom can add style and value to your home. Many homeowners opt to completely refresh the look of the shower in an old bathroom, and this project typically requires the installation of new tiles in the shower area. While you may know that you can use tile to create a dramatic effect in your new bathroom, you should also take the time to recognize that your grout choices can also affect the overall aesthetic of your remodel.

Here are three trendy grout options you may want to consider when trying to create a new look for your remodeled shower.

1. Create a modern aesthetic with thin grout.

When you want your bathroom to feel more modern, you may select large tiles with a neutral color and unique texture. These large tiles can be combined with thin grout lines to create a dramatic modern effect.

When you minimize the appearance of grout lines by using only a thin line of grout between each tile, you create a more monochromatic effect in your new shower. This monochromatic look lends itself well to a modern bathroom living space.

2. Update an iconic look with colored grout.

If you want to feature an iconic tile pattern in your new shower, you can easily update the look by using colored grout instead of white grout to finish your tile surround.

White subway tiles have been used for years inside homes, and these iconic tiles blend well with both modern and traditional interiors. By using a gray or black grout with white subway tiles, you can give the iconic look a modern spin to make your remodeled shower more unique.

3. Add some unexpected charm with specialty grout.

When you want to create a new shower that expresses your unique sense of style, then a specialty grout may be your best option. Specialty grouts incorporate glitter, colored pigments, and even metallic flakes into their formula.

As the grout dries, it dries clear and allows the glitter, pigment, or metallic flakes to remain prominently visible. The unexpected pop of sparkle or color between your shower tiles will help you create a bathroom look that is an unique as you are.

Taking the time to become familiar with some of the most popular trends when it comes to grout will allow you to use modern grout products to create a unique design in your remodeled shower. Companies like Superior Grout can help you explore other options.