Fun Ways You Can Decorate The Concrete In Your Driveway

If you want or need to have a new driveway installed, but would prefer to display your individuality when doing so, you might be interested in learning about some of the various patterns you can include in the presentation of a concrete driveway. For instance, you can opt for a stamped and dyed driveway that is made from concrete, yet is designed to closely resemble wood or slate. Alternatively, you might like the option of concrete that is dyed to your favorite color or in specific shades to illustrate your loyalty to a certain sports team. Regardless of what you choose, you should be as informed about your decisions as possible, so the information shared below is likely to be quite useful.

Choosing Design Patterns

If a concrete driveway is not your first choice, but it's what is best for the budget right now, you might be interested in learning about designing concrete that looks more like wood, brick or slate. You will simply need to choose the pattern that resembles your emulated surface as much as possible and then your concrete experts can prepare the pavement as soon as possible before starting the decoration process.

The dye, if applicable, is typically pressed into the concrete when it is still damp and when the stamps are similarly being installed. The dye is actually released over time, so it more closely resembles your favored wood, slate or brick hues. Alternatively, your concrete experts might choose to lay concrete first and only apply the coloring when the concrete has dried or lost most or all of its shine. Your contractor should be able to tell you what his common practices are and which recommendations are best for that process.

Coloring Your Concrete

While it is not unusual to opt for concrete in understated shades that resemble other substances one might see used to create a driveway, you also have the option of going in a completely opposite direction with your concrete. Instead of using gray, brown, black and similar shades to create the illusion of a more expensive driveway, you can use the color release dye to call attention to your favorite sports team, political group or even just a shade you prefer.

That same color-release dye that was previously mentioned can be accessed in a combination of burnt orange and white if you are a big fan of the Texas Longhorns or crimson, black and white if you want to showcase your loyalty to Harvard. The same is true if your favorite color is red and you want to stand out from many other driveways in an obvious manner. You should take a few minutes to speak with your concrete contractor about your ideas and see what your options are when specific and unusual hues appeal to your creative side.

In conclusion, personalizing a new or updated concrete driveway is often an ideal way to set your home apart from the cookie-cutter appearance so common in many neighborhoods. Therefore, before settling on a type of decorated concrete for that task, it is a good idea to consider the information shared below. For more information, contact Jimenez Concrete Inc.