Three Reasons To Consider Concrete For Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are considering a bathroom remodel and have been getting some ideas from the Internet, you may have seen a lot of commotion about concrete. Concrete is steadily increasing in popularity in the home improvement industry, including when it comes to remodeling bathrooms. And while concrete has been around for a long time outside of homes due to it's durability and affordability, it has several other qualities that make it an ideal material to use inside. Here are a few advantages of using concrete in your bathroom remodel.

Concrete Can Be Customized

Concrete can be formed and molded to fit any shape or space. It can be customized with colors and stamped or embossed. Aggregate such as shells, colored stones, and bits of glass can be added to the concrete to give a truly customized look. Concrete countertops can be smoothed to a glass-like finish, which can resemble expensive natural stone. Concrete flooring can be customized with the same elements but not as highly polished so there's a bit of traction for slippery, wet feet.

Concrete Is Easy to Clean & Maintain

Concrete is easy to clean and maintain, especially since there are no seams to trap particles or grout to clean. Concrete flooring, tubs, shower surrounds, and countertops can be easily cleaned but only when the concrete is sealed so it doesn't hold stains or water. Depending on the type of sealer your concrete contractor uses, you may not need to reseal the concrete for several years. You can keep the polished look easily maintained by waxing the concrete, which also provides a layer of protection.

Concrete Holds Heat

Concrete holds heat. Surround your bathtub or shower with concrete to take advantage of its ability to hold heat. For the best in comfort, a concrete contractor can embed heat coils in concrete bathtubs, so you can languish comfortably in a bath longer than in a typical bathtub. Additionally, install a concrete floor with underfloor radiant heating. The warmth of the heat that radiates from underneath a concrete floor may be enough to warm the entire bathroom.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that concrete bathtub and shower surrounds are heavier than other types. So you'll want to be sure to bolster up your flooring structure so it can withstand the additional weight of a concrete bath full of water. Speak with a concrete contractor like those found at Velarde Builders Inc. for more ideas on how to use concrete in a bathroom renovation.