Signs Of A Failing Foundation

There are many different parts of the home that are important, but maybe none more important than the foundation. If your foundation is not solid, then your home is simply not solid. Having a foundation problem can be extremely dangerous. It is very important that you notice any problems with your foundation and get help immediately. It can be difficult to know when you have a foundation problem, so this article is going to outline a few different ways that you can tell if you have a foundation problem. 


The most obvious sign of a foundation problem is cracks in your foundation or home. However, there are many different reasons that your foundation may be cracking. One of the most common reasons that your foundation may be cracking is because the soil is drying out. If you live in a very hot area, evaporation of water out of the ground can cause the soil to shrink and cause the house to drop a little bit. This can cause major problems. It is also possible that the drying out of the soil could be from tree roots sucking in all the extra moisture from the ground. 


If you notice that the ground around your foundation is starting to drop, you have settling. Settling is another major sign that you need to have your foundation inspected. Evaporation and transpiration of plants can cause settling. However, you could have a problem with your draining system as well. If there is too much water in the soil, the soil will start to settle out. Common causes of water in the soil are water pipe leaks and poor drainage away from the home. These are both aspects that need to be addressed as soon as possible because if they are not addressed, the problem could get worse. 

Interior Problems

You may be trying to put in a new door and notice that the door simply can't be installed. Or you may notice that your the floor is sloping, and these are all signs that your foundation is starting to fail. Keep a close eye on anything in the home that changes. If your windows and doors start to stick, you could have a problem. The main takeaway is that foundation problems do occur, and if you spot them, it is best to get a foundation repair professional to look at the problem right way. You do not want to put off fixing your foundation.