Trouble With Concrete? Tips To Help You Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace It

If you look around the exterior of your home you're sure to see many items that are made out of concrete. Everything from your patio, the steps leading up to your front door and the slab that serves as the foundation of the entire house is usually constructed using concrete. As your property ages the concrete could begin to show signs of wear. Although it is still holding up, you need to know if you should repair the concrete or have it replaced. Keep reading to find out how you can determine which decision you should make.

Pay Attention To The Depth Of The Cracks

A good way for you to decide if the concrete on your property is still sound enough to repair is to pay attention to the cracks that are in it. Thin, shallow cracks typically mean that the concrete item can be repaired. Deeper cracks indicate a more serious issue that will more than likely need to be replaced.

For example, you might have noticed that the concrete slab that your house rests upon has very deep cracks in it. This could indicate that the soil beneath the house wasn't properly graded before the structure went up. When this happens, the ground serves as an unsteady base and the slab isn't level through and through. Problems of this nature are very serious because not only do they lead to cracks in the foundation but the problem could also be showing up inside of your house. You'll find that doors don't close easily because the house isn't level and thin cracks could start to show up on your interior walls.

Frost Heave Has Occurred

Frost heave is a term used to describe when concrete has been pushed up in certain places due to the frost that can occur during cold seasons. The concrete will appear to have buckled and several portions of it will be higher than other spots. It will need to be replaced with a richer mixture of concrete that is denser than the blend that is currently in place. Doing this will give the concrete item the ability to resist the elements that caused the frost heave to happen before.

If you decide to replace the concrete fixtures on your property it's a good idea to hire a crew to come out and remove the old concrete for you. They can dispose of it properly so you won't have to deal with extra clutter in your yard. Contact a company, like Florida Concrete LLC, for more help.