When And Where To Use Fibrecrete

Fibrecrete is a modern concrete based solution that has a range of practical construction uses. For example, fibrecrete boards are commonly used for the backing of tile surfaces. It can be attached to studs or directly over drywall to provide a backing that is much more durable than drywall or plaster. But fibercrete can also be a very stylish finish material. It is becoming more and more common on decks, roofs, siding, and interiors. This article explains exactly what makes fibrecrete such an ideal construction material.

What is Fibrecrete?

Fibrecrete is a composite that is similar to concrete in many ways. Most importantly, it is made out of fibers, instead of rock aggregate. The fibers are usually made out of lightweight plastics and epoxies. So, they are much lighter than the rock aggregate used in real concrete. Basically, fibrecrete looks very similar to real concrete, but if you look closely you can see the fibers. Fibrecrete is sold is sheets, much like plywood. It can vary from 1/2" to 1" wide planks. The most common size is 4x8, just like plywood.

Fibrecrete Characteristics

Fibrecrete can basically be any color. That being said, most of the products sold are similar in color to raw concrete. But, rough gray colors are not your only option. You can find subtly dyed fibrecretes in common earth tones. Even more importantly, it is a surface that is very easy to paint. Since it is smoother than Portland mix concrete, fibrecrete is much easier to paint. In fact, it can be painted with normal latex paints to create a much softer look.

Where to Use Fibrecrete

Fibrecrete is best used when you want the look of concrete, but need something lighter. It can be used on an elevated deck to create the style of concrete, without needing such heavy duty construction. That is you could have a wood frame deck on your second story that is finished off with fibrecrete. If you want a real cement deck on a second story, it would probably need to have steel frames and supports. This is a much more expensive project.

Fibrecrete certainly has some practical uses. It is also currently very much on trend because modern construction styles are so popular. You will even see modern homes with on-trend siding. But, it is a very adaptable material that can be made to fit pretty much any home style.

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