Four Tips To Prepare For Your Foundation Repair

Water leaks, cracks, and uneven settling all lead to the need for major repairs to your home's foundation. If you find yourself in this situation, then you need to be proactive and begin preparing for the repairs. The following guide can help.

1: Know the Plan

Your contractor should be willing to walk you through the repair process several days in advance of the first day of work. Some repairs are localized, which means you will need to do very little preparation, while others can be quite extensive and invasive. Your contractor will provide you with personalized advice on exactly what areas of your home and yard will be affected during the repair so you can prepare accordingly.

2: Protect Your Landscaping

Landscaping often has to be removed during a foundation repair. For small repairs, the damage may be minimal -- perhaps you will need to re-lay some sod or rebuild a second of a border flower bed. Extensive work, such as sealing the exterior of the foundation, can damage the landscaping around the entire perimeter of your home and several yards out from the foundation walls. You can transplant some flowers and small bushes elsewhere before the work commences. It can also be helpful to put up temporary barriers around tree trunks to help prevent damage.

3: Clear the Interior

The interior of your home will also be affected, particularly in the basement. Move everything out of the basement and take down anything hanging on the walls so there will be nothing in the way of the repair tech as they work. Carpeting and drywall may also need to be removed prior to the foundation work occurring in a finished basement room. You may also want to take down wall art and make sure items in cabinets are secure on all floors since some work can lead to shaking of the home.

4: Create a Relocation Plan

It may be necessary to temporarily relocate if the repair needed is extensive. Make sure you have a plan in place if this is the case. In some instances, you may need to plan for overnight accommodations, perhaps at a hotel or with family, while in other instances, you may be able to return to your home each evening after the day's work is completed. It may also be necessary to board pets when work is going on for the animal's safety.

Contact a local foundation repair contractor for more help.